Contract Management & Supplements

The contractor has been awarded, the construction billing begins. In the clearly arranged contract-table you now have the ordered services and items (Contract) and the services and items provided (Progress) in view. If, at the time of placing the order, you have not yet determined which performance (eg alternative or contingent items) should be executed exactly, you can now decide this here and activate these items in the overall order.

Services and items that were not initially anticipated can be recorded at any time via flexible supplementary management. To do this, you can create new items and group them into supplements, and assign them individually or collectively with different statuses. Only if the status "Contracted" is set to the addendum (or the individual supplementary claim item) the supplement is taken into account for the determination of the new total order total and for the invoice total or payment instruction.

Services that change in the course of the construction, eg. by quantity increase / decrease, are transparently documented by amendment supplements. The same applies to price adjustments and changed performance requirements. For each addendum, or the order as a whole, the change history shows all changes without gaps.

For the documentation of the order development you can differentiate at any time between the originally assigned main order, the individual supplements and the addendum over all supplements, as well as of course the total commissioned service. The editions are created in the formats PDF, ÖNORM (according to A 2063), GAEB and Excel.

Services that were not initially anticipated can be recorded at any time via flexible supplementary management.
Enter the quantities supplied in NOVA AVA directly or carry out complex calculations with the formulary according to REB 23.003.

Quantity Take Off

The services provided are usually documented by measurement documents and entered into the system. Since NOVA BIM is indeed a web-based solution, this action can be completely location-independent, ie. done directly on the site. The supervisor of the owner or the contractor can either enter the absolute or %-progress values for the items, use a fast calculator function, or perform complex calculations with the formula collection according to REB 23.003, set relationships between measurements and save the results.

As an additional option, the release of the allowances for invoices or credit memos can be assigned to a separate work step. If you have already created detailed quantity determinations when you created the bills of quantities, you can easily activate them for the billing quantities. All measurement information can be grouped into calculation sections, assigned to invoices and assigned status such as "preliminary", "rejected" or "released". For dimensions, assignments can be made - you can set cost groups, locations, and payers to develop detailed cost-sharing information.

For the exchange with external systems you can use the widely used interface DA11 / X31, import and export are assisted with comfortable data comparison.

Target-actual comparison

The target-actual comparison is a powerful tool to keep costs under control. NOVA BIM shows you the current progress of works and services numerically and graphically at all levels of the project, via the service specifications and items and construction sections with drilldown options.

At a glance, you can see from the visualized warning function, where quantity underruns and quantity overruns occur in detail and to which services, if necessary, renegotiations can or must be conducted.

Various print editions and reports in turn allow further evaluations of the cost development: which cost groups are affected, where the additional or reduced costs accrue locally, in which service areas and in which billing period.

Various print editions and reports allow further evaluations of the cost development.
You can cancel invoices / credits and, if necessary, subsequently enter the amount actually paid.

Invoice management

With NOVA BIM, you can create, review, and approve invoices and credits for payment. Based on the services you have entered, you can use the invoice types for advance payment, partial payment and final payment to create the respective check bills or credit memos and then issue a payment approval.

In the billing overview and the individual bills, you can switch between incremental calculation and cumulative billing at lightning speed. For the billing, you can set deductions net or gross percentage or absolute, and also create your own subtotals. Discounts, rebates, security and guarantee deductions and discount terms agreed with the order are always automatically taken into account when calculating the payout amount.

You can cancel invoices / credits and, if necessary, subsequently enter the amount actually paid. If necessary, the invoices are split in addition to the cost sharing defined on the project, so you get differentiated invoices by cost centers, payers or localities. Finally, after the warranty has expired, you can replace the retained amounts and archive the order.

... and many more features

  • Address book
  • Tasks & notes
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • BIM & IFC, BCF
  • STLB construction online
  • sirAdos, Heinze, BKI
  • GAEB 90, 2000, XML
  • PDF & Excel
  • Datanorm, ÖNORM


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