BoQ creation

Create a bill of quantities

Maybe you already have bills of quantities (BoQ), which are either in GAEB or ÖNORM format or as an Excel file, and which you would like to further process in NOVA BIM or use as a template for new projects?

Then you can easily import this data into the web application, The assistant helps you with the Excel files: in which column are the quantities, where the prices and how the texts are structured, line by line or multiple lines within a cell. All GAEB formats are fully supported. ÖNORM files can process NOVA BIM in ONLV and ONLB format according to A 2063. In general, you can integrate all required text elements either as free text or from the usual tender text systems for creating and editing the specifications and items. These include the precedence, the BoQ precedent, contractual arrangements (preliminary remarks) and notes that can be inserted at any point, execution descriptions with item references, types such as basic, alternative and contingent items.

When choosing the structure of the BoQ, you can define up to five levels and easily number the ordinal numbers. The contents of the course can be copied or moved at any time in the clear table, and you can edit several selected elements (eg BoQ items) with just one action (Multimod). The Recycle Bin protects you from unwanted deletion, with the archiving function you can save different processing statuses in the system and reset them on request.

This screenshot shows the filterable overview of all bills of quantities.
This screenshot shows the long text editing in the NOVA AVA Editor.

Item specifications - integrated interfaces

For optimal and efficient description of the work to be done in your BoQ creation, you work with a fast and powerful editor. Either in the detail window for the item description or directly in the BoQ table, there you have everything in view - even the long texts (descriptions). In addition to the usual formatting, you can extend texts to tables and graphics, work with bulleted lists and indents, insert your own text modules as with the Word Autotext function and embed bidder queries (eg for product and manufacturer information).

The interfaces to the popular text systems such as STLB-Bau online, Heinze and others are already preconfigured. You can integrate the service areas of the STLK (Standard Service Catalog for Roads and Bridges) and the StB-By with the standardized texts directly into the system in their original format and without conversion. You can research the required BoQ positions in these libraries, assemble them comfortably and transfer them to your course. You can use the sirAdos tender texts with the help of the GAEB interface, and you can import data in Datanorm format for bidding aids from product manufacturers.

If you work with default BoQ types, you can protect the root BoQ items against changes in the project and build up your own price memory. There you will automatically save the current bid and offer prices, which you will retrieve when creating the cost calculation for marketable estimates.

Quantity determination & cost sharing

You can quickly and easily calculate the quantity for BoQ items using the classic calculator functions, record line-by-line calculation approaches and provide your calculations and results with texts and comments. For more sophisticated and complex calculations, you can use the deposited formulary of REB 23.003 (Electronic Billing Regulations) and, for example, calculate areas and volumes by entering the required variables. You can save a lot of time when you work with references between the calculation approaches and BoQ item quantities. For example, recurring area calculations can then be made in one place and the dependencies can be systematically updated. For item quantities you can direct assignments of cost groups and / or e.g. You can distribute these allocations by percentage, or you can specify them in detail at the level of the calculation approach for quantity determination. From this you can in the consequence break down the eligible construction costs or derive the cost distribution for various carriers of the construction project.

Quantity determination for BoQ items can be seen in this screenshot.
This screenshot shows the detail window of the GAEB BoQ exam. Here you can see the page preview (PDF) of the complete service specification.

BoQ exam and output to PDF, GAEB and Excel

The bill of quantities can be issued in different formats. The GAEB files are usually used when the BoQ is to be exchanged between different systems and further processed. So you can transfer data as type 82 with prices or you provide the bidder with a "blank" BoQ without prices as data type 83 for the invitation to tender. In order to ensure that the specification of services is formally correct, that is, for example, that a quantity and a unit of measure have been assigned to all the items in the item list, the item check is started before the data is output. The BoQ exam checks the complete contents of the course and displays the results differentiated according to warnings and errors in a test report.

Even the PDF printout can be preceded by the BoQ exam, you can make the setting yourself. All print lists are created directly on the NOVA BIM Server as lean PDF documents, you can view them, download them, save them to the BoQ and share them with your partners. You can design the output formats in terms of content and appearance. In addition to your own logo you can customize font and size, various options for output on or off, set filters to limit the total amount of data to process, choose between different title (cover) browse and much more. In addition to the often cursory issues such as List of services with long and short texts as blank you can always output the BoQ as well in tabular form as can be seen on the screen.

... and many more features

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  • Tasks & notes
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • BIM & IFC, BCF
  • STLB construction online
  • sirAdos, Heinze, BKI
  • GAEB 90, 2000, XML
  • PDF & Excel
  • Datanorm, ÖNORM


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