Building Information Modeling


With the NOVA BIM Add-On, the 3D model-based construction cost management is now live on the Web. For the first time, the 3D models (IFC) developed using the BIM method are available as an online service for all cost-management processes - and can therefore be used regardless of location and device.

Basically, BIM is about making a CAD building model the foundation for all other planning, construction, and maintenance processes. The modeled building is linked with information for this purpose – eg. on the assignment of materials, properties and quantities to components. This data is processed for the project to plan costs, place orders, and bills directly connected to the 3D model. When transferring data from CAD to cost-management, NOVA BIM consistently relies on the Open BIM standard so that the 3D models can be processed from all CAD systems. IFC files are used to create a room book for the respective project, in which the building is structured according to storeys and component types. At the same time, the 3D model is displayed in the viewer and can be enriched with the relevant cost data, such as work items and price lines. In addition to all the standard functions of such a viewer, NOVA BIM provides so-called information views which directly represent the selected component in the viewer itself.

To create cost estimates rapidly and generate tendering BoQs automatically, you can link cost data to the building objects. The bidirectional connection makes it possible to locate each component by clicking on it in the 3D model in the cost table – and vice versa. At a glance, you can see all the information, the estimated and actual costs and where the component is located in the building.

Optionally available for all NOVA BIM packages

Through the deep integration of BIM, the 3D model is available in all components of NOVA BIM, from the initial estimate to the settlement with quantity take off (QTO) contract management and project-related cost analysis.

NOVA AVA BIM Add-On: 3D building model
NOVA AVA BIM Add-On: Room and building book
Open BIM & IFC

What can the BIM Add-On do?

The BIM Add-On significantly supports project editing by visualizing data in a building model. Based on the Open BIM & IFC open standards , 3D models can be exported from all common CAD systems and further processed in NOVA BIM.

Initially, a project-oriented room and building book is generated in the BIM module and linked bidirectionally with the data of the 3D model.

Thus, the complete process and business logic, from cost planning to tendering, accounting and cost analysis, can be spatially displayed in the 3D viewer with comfortable selection and navigation.


And these are the functional enhancements for the STARTER package:

Module Cost Planning

  • IFC import interface (versions IFC2x3 & IFC4)
  • Model representation and navigation in the 3D viewer
  • Generation and update of the room and building book (RGB)
  • bidirectional link between viewer and room book
  • Variable cost estimate for components (sampling)
    • with own cost elements & (master) work items
    • with DBD-BIM cost elements & STLB items
    • Assignment of cost groups (DIN276) & service areas (LB)
  • Model versioning with 3D change log in the multi-viewer
    • which components are new
    • what exactly has changed on existing components
    • which components are no longer available
  • Output of the roombook oriented cost planning in PDF & Excel
  • Creation of the cost planning according to DIN276
  • Generation of BoQ for tendering and cost calculation
  • Import & Export of BIM-BoQ containers according to DIN SPEC 91350

Module BoQ Creation

  • Model representation and navigation in the 3D viewer
  • bidirectional link between viewer and BoQ items & subsets
  • comfortable partial quantity / component allocation
  • Spatial-oriented edition of the BoQ

Module Cost Analysis

  • Spatial-based cost comparison (eg storeys, components, ...) numerically & graphically between cost estimation / calculation and cost estimate BoQ
  • Referred documents as PDF & Excel
NOVA AVA BIM Add-On: Price Mirror mit 3D-Viewer

BIM Add-On for EASY

The EASY package will be extended with these features:

Module Tender

  • optional activation of the 3D model for bidders (viewers)

Module Offer Cockpit

  • Bidders can bidirectionally visualize the links between the components in the 3D building model and the quotation items in the viewer and use them for quotations

Module Offers / Award

  • interactive bid evaluation and analysis in the price comparison table by bidirectional link between the visualized 3D model and the offer parts of the bidders

Module Cost Analysis

  • Extension of the roombook-oriented cost comparison (eg storeys, components, ...) numerically & graphically by the values​from cost estimate allocation


For the BUSINESS package the Add-On offers these additional services:

Module Order / Supplements

  • bidirectional visualization between selected components in the 3D model (viewer) and the assigned order items and subsets in the specification of services
  • Assignment of supplements to components with differentiated emphasis in the building model

Module QTO

  • bidirectional linking between selected components in the 3D model (viewer) and the assigned measurements and quantity take off with representation of the items / partial quantities and billable masses
  • Performance recording on the basis of selected components as increment or cumulative performance status as well as identification of final components

Module Target-Actual Comparison

  • Evaluations of the target / actual comparison for quantity and cost development based on selected data of the 3D building model in the viewer

Module Invoice

  • Visualization of all components in the 3D model (viewer) that are billed in a selected invoice (increment or cumulative)

Module Cost Analysis

  • Extension of the roombook-oriented cost comparison (eg storeys, components, ...) numerically & graphically by the values from supplements and current performance status of the project.
NOVA AVA BIM Add-On: invoice with 3D-Viewer

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a building design methodology that involves the creation and management of digital virtual representations of the physical and functional properties of a building. The building models provide an information database around the building to provide a reliable source of decisions throughout the life cycle; from the first preliminary planning to the dismantling.

– National BIM Standard Project Committee

BIM refers to a working method in the construction industry. The idea is not new: the basic concept for BIM has existed since the 1970s, (Eastman, 1974 and Eastman, 2011). The term Building Information Model first appeared in a paper by van Nederveen (van Nederveen, 1992).

BIM is often understood as a software solution, but is generally not software, even if BIM can not be implemented without appropriate software.

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

IFCs are an open, international standard (ISO-16739) for the digital description of complex planning data of 3D building models in construction. In an IFC data model, logical building structures are mapped together with their associated attributes. IFC was developed by the international organization buildingSMART as a standard data model for high-quality data exchange in the context of openBIM. In Germany the buildingSMART eV deals with the further development and establishment of BIM and IFC.

Open BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)

The Open BIM Collaboration Format is a data interface for the simplified exchange of information during the working process between different software products. It enables model-based communication and provides information on status, location, line of sight, component, comment, user and time in the IFC data model.

Further links to BIM and IFC:

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)

NOVA BIM with BCF integration

This makes the cross-system collaboration on the 3D model even easier. BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is a simple and useful standard for exchanging model-based information. It is used to track problems (tickets) as they are identified, reported and resolved during the BIM process. With BCF, tags, collision reports, and general comments can be shared among all project members. BCF is completely platform independent and an essential cornerstone of the Open BIM method.

In NOVA BIM, this BCF information is created and processed as tickets. In addition, other classifications for priority, responsible clerk, status, ... may be assigned. A ticket can then be saved and sent as a BCF file. The project partner can import it into their BIM authoring tool and instantly visualize the information at the point in the model that was previously captured. Of course BCF files can also be imported into NOVA BIM at any time.

BIM Construction scheduling – Lean Construction

NOVA BIM 5D – Lean Construction

Lean Construction is indispensable as an integral approach to the successful design, construction and execution of construction projects. NOVA BIM is your project management tool for the practical implementation of this approach based on the IFC building model. The scheduling, which can be extended with the BIM Add-On, allows you to easily view all components and associated execution services holistically.

The NOVA BIM Gantt component provides everything you need for the active life of lean thinking in your next project.

  • timed scheduling directly on the 3D model
  • determination of milestones for components and trades
  • virtual analysis of the overall process with focus on quantities and costs
  • clear transparency through direct visualization in the viewer
  • location-independent real-time cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders

ARCHICAD 22 and NOVA BIM: fully compatible

With the project for BIM based quantity and cost calculation, NOVA Building IT and GRAPHISOFT show that Open BIM works.

Simply select NOVA BIM in ARCHICAD 22 as the IFC translator and all BIM information is ready for the cost management workflow in NOVA BIM.


... and many more features

  • Address book
  • Tasks & notes
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • BIM & IFC, BCF
  • STLB construction online
  • sirAdos, Heinze, BKI
  • GAEB 90, 2000, XML
  • PDF & Excel
  • Datanorm, ÖNORM


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