Projects & Controlling


You can start with NOVA BIM immediately, all important settings are already preconfigured. In addition, you can define master data and structures exactly as they fit your organization best.

If you want, you divide data into departments (eg building construction and civil engineering) and define the appropriate workflows and access authorizations for roles and user groups for projects and courses.

With your own and standardized cost breakdowns (eg DIN276, OMNICLASS,...) AKVS) you deposit department- wide or project-specific cost groups for an integrated cost analysis from the initial cost estimate to the final bill of the construction project.

NOVA AVA defines the right workflows and access permissions for roles and user groups for projects and courses.
The handy labels allow you to categorize and filter data throughout the system.


Organize the addresses of your partners into their own categories and import them from other systems (eg Outlook, Google Contacts, Apple Contacts) in CSV format or as vCards.

You add documents, files and plans to projects, cost estimates and BoQs via upload and grant targeted releases for other users. You manage Dates and tasks in the calendar with reminder function, any file attachments and checklists.

The handy labels allow you to categorize and filter data throughout the system.

Cost estimation & Cost control

You create cost estimates for the project, the level of detail of which (eg the level of DIN276) is variable at any time. To perform calculations flexibly, you can add free calculation lines with texts to determine the costs of a cost group and use formulas and variables as in Excel. Practical are also the comparison projects with which you can quickly plan market-realistic.

With the element method you can build room books and building catalogs as templates or project-specific and use them for quick cost estimates. If you also work with master billing directories, link master LQ items to cost groups or items to automatically generate cost lists with the right quantities for the trade-oriented RFP from the cost estimates.

As soon as one or more cost structures have been defined for a project, you can also assign cost groups to the BoQs, BoQ-sections and work items, and even the individual calculation approaches for quantity determination, or you can define percentage cost allocations. In combination with the cost estimation developed at the beginning of the project, you will receive an exact evaluation of the costs with the program component cost analysis at every stage of the project progress. Based on the BoQ items, the costs of the respective cost groups within the project are calculated and differentiated.

Own cost calculation developed with the tender, which are phase-oriented for the addressed cost groups and total lines are presented with the award of the contract laid down estimate. Overall compared with supplements and the cost determination by measurement and performance status. The tabular and graphical evaluation takes place at any depth of the cost structure and you can output it as a PDF document or in Excel format.

With the NOVA AVA Program Component Cost Analysis you receive an exact evaluation of the costs at every point of the project progress.

... and many more features

  • Address book
  • Tasks & notes
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • BIM & IFC, BCF
  • STLB construction online
  • sirAdos, Heinze, BKI
  • GAEB 90, 2000, XML
  • PDF & Excel
  • Datanorm, ÖNORM


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