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NOVA Building IT and GRAPHISOFT show off their cloud and software products like Open BIM!

ARCHICAD is a popular BIM authoring tool in architecture firms. Above all, architects appreciate the functionality optimized for their thinking and approach; ARCHICAD enables fast and flexible modeling of buildings. NOVA AVA BIM is a cloud based service for AVA and construction cost management. Workflows, quantity and cost analyzes simply become transparent according to the BIM method for virtual building models.


For architecture and engineering firms, there is still room for improvement in the BIM workflow today. So far there has been a lack of an integrated process to reliably and efficiently estimate quantity and costs from the modeled building, as well as to tender, award and settle services. And this is exactly where our partnership with GRAPHISOFT comes in to better integrate Building Information Modeling and, in particular, the ever-increasing acceptance of the vendor-neutral IFC (Open BIM) data format to better meet the needs of architects and planners.

NOVA AVA BIM perfectly records the Open BIM process started in ARCHICAD 22 via the tested IFC interface and supplements the building model modeled in ARCHICAD 22 with all relevant AVA-data and functions.

The advantages:

  • Reduced time spent on editing and controlling
  • lower error rate and higher accuracy
  • fewer supplements and less liability risk

ARCHICAD 22 and NOVA AVA BIM: fully compatible

GRAPHISOFT initiated the projectBIM based quantity and cost calculation was the reason for further optimizing NOVA AVA for the Open BIM Workflow.

NOVA AVA has successfully implemented the project objective of mapping a complete BIM process from the design of a building model to billing completely and seamlessly with suitable software using the BIM add-on

Throughout this context, information from the IFC building model without loss of data and information in the further BIM process, i. into our software solutions and can be further processed correctly and reliably with NOVA AVA BIM .

NOVA AVA BIM Add-On: BoQ with 3D viewer

Task and test setup

In order to demonstrate how an ARCHICAD 22 IFC building model can best be used for quantity and cost calculations, GRAPHISOFT has carried out a comprehensive test with NOVA AVA BIM .

The procedure of GRAPHISOFT: In order to be comparable, several trades of a sample planning were considered. These were:

  • Shell
  • Türen und Fenster
  • Doors and windows
  • Plasterboard works (drywall trades)

First, the complex test model was created using the modeling guideline. The first reference in volume determination was the conventional mass calculation by hand.

In a second step, all quantities in ARCHICAD 22 were calculated directly with the interactive evaluation.

Next, sample planning was read into the Solibri Model Checker Here was also a calculation of lengths, widths, heights, areas and volumes. Solibri independently determines these values ​​from the existing geometries of the IFC building model.

In the fourth and final step, the NOVA AVA IFC Translator built into ARCHICAD 22 was exported as an IFC file and imported into NOVA AVA BIM. To determine the total quantities of the required components, NOVA AVA BIM filters were created. This allowed the components to be localized in the 3D viewer on the basis of the material information and their dimensions, and at the same time the individual and total masses could be determined automatically.

Outer wall, STB, d=240mm Outer wall, STB, d=240mm

Ceiling tile, STB, d=200mm Ceiling tile, STB, d=200mm

GK Ceiling Vertical cover, h=0,92m, simply planked GK Ceiling Vertical cover, h = 0,92m, simply planked

PVC Flooring, h=10mm PVC Flooring, h=10mm

Convincing results

In NOVA AVA, building models can be visualized and evaluated online in the browser via IFC import. Flexible display areas serve to display the building structure and inform about the properties of selected components.

All trades of sample planning are processed reliably in NOVA AVA. All components can therefore be directly sampled online with their own cost elements or, for example, with the help of DBD-BIM bzw. STLB-Bau online There is nothing standing in the way of a precise cost calculation over the entire AVA workflow.

Here it goes to the Results log.

Two Team player: ARCHICAD 22 and NOVA AVA BIM

With the project for BIM basierten Mengen- und Kostenermittlung NOVA Building IT and GRAPHISOFT show that Open BIM works. And practically. The prerequisite for an optimal quantity and cost calculation in the project is therefore the correct transfer of the data into a BIM-capable AVA program.

You see: NOVA AVA BIM fulfills these conditions perfectly as the only web-based AVA in collaboration with ARCHICAD 22. Simply select NOVA AVA in ARCHICAD 22 as the IFC translator and all BIM information is ready for the AVA workflow in NOVA AVA.

Please also note the practical modeling guideline provided by GRAPHISOFT.

GRAPHISOFT modeling Directive Virtualbuilding
Image source:

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