Tender & Award

Create an invitation to tender & collect offers

Getting quotes through a tender is now faster and easier than ever. You do not have to print the bill of quantities and send it by mail. You do not have to type any offers anymore. You also do not need to create and send a GAEB / ÖNORM file. Errors during data exchange with different systems can no longer occur. Instead, a release is sufficient and the bidding companies you select can, until the end of the submission deadline, enter, review and release their offers in the password-protected area without any additional software. In addition, you can bundle all the information about the call for proposals in NOVA BIM and coordinate it comfortably: which dates must be met, who takes part in the procedure...

Tendering online with Quote Cockpit - faster and easier than ever before.

In order to get the best deal for a trade, you filter the appropriate suppliers in your address book and NOVA BIM sends a message to the selected companies. Bidders will receive an invitation to participate by e-mail with a link and personal access data to the course and the documents you have approved. The access is only valid for the bidder for this tender and only within the period of your choice. In the bidding overview, you can track the bid status (eg "Processing started", "Offer released", "Participation declined" etc.) of the companies at any time. However, you will only see the prices if the bidder has explicitly activated his offer for you and the submission date has expired. You will receive internal notifications, as well as inquiries by the companies, which you can answer audit-proof and in compliance with public procurement law. For the opening of the offer, you can optionally specify whether this is to take place in accordance with the four-eye principle: then, two authorized users first have to authenticate and only then can the offers be viewed and evaluated.

This screenshot shows you how to invite participants to the offer with the offer cockpit.
With NOVA AVA you can easily perform a variant calculation directly in the price level.

Offer Evaluation & Price Comparison

You compare the offer data in the price table under consideration of discounts. You do not have to do anything else with the tenders you get from the bidding component, they are automatically available as of release. If necessary, you can include further offers, which are available as EXCEL, ÖNORM or GAEB file, with the import function in the price list.

For bids submitted in paper form, you can enter the prices in the system, total amounts and sums are calculated automatically. NOVA BIM calculates the offer comparison again, you can include your own cost calculation and evaluate "virtual" offers. The ideal price calculates the cheapest offer variant from all items, the middle price delivers the arithmetic mean value for each item and the median price calculates the median, ie an outlier-adjusted mean value. With this information, you have a valuable basis for the procurement proposal and, at the same time, good arguments for further price negotiations in your hands.

Additional ratings like the ABC-Method show you the main focuses of the offers, in doing so you present the limits of value yourself and distinguish at a glance the essentials of the nonessential. The search for the outliers shows you exactly the deviations of individual offers, you can easily and in detail determine whether a speculative price is present or if the the item can not be carried out economically at the offered price. Maybe you have advertised different variants, maybe contingent services are included in the BoQ? Then you can use the variant calculation at the touch of a button to find out which offer variant is the cheapest: simply activate the alternative item and contingent item and receive within seconds the recalculated offers and evaluations.

... and many more features

  • Address book
  • Tasks & notes
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • BIM & IFC, BCF
  • STLB construction online
  • sirAdos, Heinze, BKI
  • GAEB 90, 2000, XML
  • PDF & Excel
  • Datanorm, ÖNORM


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