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Introduction & features overview

++ IFC 3D model QTO ++ Cost estimate ++ Tendering platform ++ Contract award ++ Accounting ++ Scheduling ++ BIM 5D ++ Software as a Service ++ Available for any device ++


IFC 3D Model Import & The Features of the Viewer

Just import an IFC 3D model file and analyse it with the powerful features of the viewer. Check the building components' properties and quantities. Create fast filters for your needs!


Cost Estimate based on IFC 3D model

This tutorial will show us, how easy it is, to estimate the cost of your project. Based on an IFC 3D model we will assign cost elements and work specifications!


Transform a 3D model estimate to UNIFORMAT II structure

The short tutorial shows us how to transform a 3D model estimate to the cost structure according to UNIFORMAT II by a click!


Generate BOQs from a 3D model cost estimate

The 3D model cost estimate, in which each of the work items has been assigned to a work category, allows you to generate bills of quantities, or BOQs, automatically!


Tendering Platform - Part I - Preparation & Invitation to Tender

NOVA BIM 5D provides a fully integrated BIM e-tendering platform. In this first part of the tutorial, we will look at how to prepare an invitation to tender.


Tendering Platform - Part II - Bidder's Cockpit

In part 2 of our BIM Tendering Platform tutorial we will now take a look at how the bid cockpit works and how tenderers can edit and submit their offers.


Tendering Platform - Part III - Bid Comparison - Contract Award

This is part three of our BIM Tendering Platform tutorial. We will show you how to open the submissions – compare the bids - and award the contract.


Import your Specifications from Excel

This tutorial is about the import of your specifications from an Excel spreadsheet. Flexible and easy!


Create your own cost elements for BIM estimates

This video is about the definition of cost elements with work items and quantities calculations. You can use your own specifications and estimate your project within seconds.

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