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What is NOVA BIM?

As many classic estimating and tendering apps, NOVA BIM is essentially concerned with successful construction cost management with cost planning, quantity determination, specifications, bid platform, price comparison, order, addendum, allowance, target / actual comparison, invoice and cost analysis. All components can also be linked with IFC data for BIM 3D model-based work. The standardized integration of addresses, documents, appointments and tasks enables a comfortable and consistent project control.

With interfaces to PDF, Excel, DATANORM, ÖNORM, IFC and GAEB, as well as the platform functions for a web-based and modern co-working you edit and share data quickly and securely with your project partners.

NOVA BIM is a pure web application

That means you can use NOVA BIM from anywhere without download or installation. You also do not have to worry about data backup and updates. All you need is an internet enabled device. Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop PC / MAC - you have the choice.

NOVA BIM is Software as a Service

And with NOVA BIM you will always be flexible: you can choose from various packages, which are composed of the components tendering, awarding, billing, BIM and controlling, at any time the right thing for you to add or unsubscribe. And there is no minimum term for our online BIM either. By the way: you receive all services for support and hotline free of charge - and that remains the case.

This screenshot shows the dashboard of the web application NOVA AVA.

BIM software for all operating systems

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Who needs NOVA BIM?

  • Your tasks include estimating costs, according to DIN 276, OMNICLASS, UNIFORMAT or trades, payers? You need to work on a BIM 3D building model?
  • As an architect, planner, engineer or project manager, do you work on your own projects or on behalf of your partners?
  • For tenders, do you create specifications and participate in the award process?

  • You determine quantities or prices for detailed cost calculations?
  • During the construction work, you take over the construction management with oversize control and invoice verification?
  • In the overall package you are responsible for project and cost management?

What does NOVA BIM cost?

NOVA BIM – the purely web-based 3D tendering program. Software as a Service (SaaS)

All packages include unlimited and indefinite storage space.



49 €


69 €


89 €

A package can be canceled at any time before the end of the chosen term.
Your account will remain with all data, you can reactivate it at any time and continue working. *
If you do not cancel, it automatically renews for the selected term.

All prices per user per month plus VAT for a monthly term. All support included.
For longer terms (3/6/12 months) you will receive discounts (5% / 7.5% / 10%)!
* We delete your account and your data only if you want it.


Server in Germany
Daily data backup
256bit SSL encryption

Reachable everywhere

All browsers
All operating systems
Smartphone, Tablet or PC / MAC

Fast & chic

Slim user interface
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All packages include
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Use NOVA BIM on your own systems on the intranet?

No problem! We are happy to put together an individual NOVA BIM package and support you during installation and setup.

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What can NOVA BIM do?

This screenshot of the online AVA shows the project overview with detailed information.

Projects & Controlling

With the component Projects & Controlling you can organize projects, build an address book and import your address data, use search and filter functions for quick retrieval, assign tags and thus categorize data, manage and share any documents. If you want to work together, you can organize users and groups and control access rights.

You can create and version cost estimates for projects. E.g. the cost structure of DIN 276, OMNICLASS, UNIFORMAT or a BIM 3D building model (IFC) is based. Or you work with any of your own cost structure (cost centers, service areas, ...). Cost planning can also be developed on the basis of existing comparison projects – for the respective cost group, component or service area. Now you can also use your chosen cost structure to generate complete bills of quantities in an automated and trade-oriented manner or to assign the respective cost groups there. This assignment then forms the basis for the holistic cost analysis of your project. For all phases of costing, you analyze the values of the respective cost groups. You control the fineness of the evaluations by simply folding up and down the levels of your cost structure. All results are graphically evaluated and can be printed as a PDF document or output to an Excel file. The BIM add-on enables the visualization of the costs with reference to the selected component groups and components.

Bill of quantities creation

The bill of quantities creation component enables you to create and edit billing and billing specifications online. From external systems, you can import GAEB, ÖNORM and EXCEL files, further process and use as your own bill of quantities templates for copying. The powerful editor for formatting, tables and graphics supports you with freely formulated texts. You can also use VOB-compliant and legally compliant tender texts and calculation aids from various providers such as STLB-Bau online, DBD, sirAdos, Heinze, company and manufacturer texts in the format Datanorm or standard service catalogs (STLK) and the StB-By of the public sector.

You can quickly and easily determine the quantity for bill of quantities items with integrated calculation functions and add comments. With the BIM Add-On bill of quantities items can be additionally linked with components. The assigned IFC models are available directly in the 3D viewer for convenient quantity transfer and updating. For mathematically complex calculations, you can access the formulary according to REB 23.003 and establish relationships between computational approaches. Already when creating the bill of quantities, you can assign the cost estimates to cost groups or cost units to get information about cost sharing as early as possible.

Bill of quantities test routines for GAEB, HVA-StB and ÖNORM

Integrated and adjustable bill of quantities check routines ensure that your data is formally flawlessly constructed for print lists as well as GAEB and ÖNORM files. As an option, you can also check the specifications for compliance with the guidelines of the standard catalog of services for road and bridge construction (HVA-StB).

You supplement the print editions with your own company logo and create lean PDF files. A variety of options open up design configurations. You can save the variable table views of the bill of quantities as an Excel file, with calculation and even with the long texts. The data exchange with project partners, such as planners or clients, according to the provisions of GAEB 90/2000 /XML or according to ÖNORM A  2063 for Austria.

On this screen section of the AVA, a performance index (bill of quantities) is displayed in the table editor.
This screenshot of the web application NOVA AVA shows the module Invitation to invite the participants. Another screenshot of the module allocation, which shows the valuation of the offers in the price level.

Tender & Award

With the component Tender you can collectr offers as comfortable as never before. Determine the type of award, set the submission deadline and invite the participants to the tender from your address book - or start a public call for tenders. You can share any files and documents and have them confirmed by the bidders. The real trick, however, lies in the offer processing by the participants: the bidders receive an e-mail with a link to your list of services and items and can fill the offer directly online on the platform, password protected and without any additional software. To be on the safe side, they still receive support from the integrated offer-check and can upload their own documents and make suggestions. And if there is something to discuss, then the communication can be reproduced audit-proof in the question-and-answer dialog. As client you decide whether you provide answers only the questioner or equal to all participants available. With the BIM add-on, you as the tenderer can additionally specify whether an IFC 3D model of the project is displayed in the viewer for the bidder and thus components with their characteristics and the assignments to service items for bid creation can be localized and evaluated.

Convert service specification to order

With the component Award you can analyze the offers of the tender - also graphically -, import more offers via EXCEL, GAEB and ÖNORM interface, manually record, copy, check and rate in the price list with free bidding order. And activate your own cost calculation to compare it with the bids. The comparison provider for ideal, median and median price is calculated automatically. Variants for contingent and alternative items can be selected and evaluated by option. All bidder information, such as products or manufacturers, are displayed clearly in the tabel of comparison. Unit price shares and discounts can be evaluated at all levels. After the evaluation, you can create a contract bill of quantities, a lot allocation is of course also possible. The output of all print lists with your own company logo - create PDF files or generate Excel files for further evaluations. Data exchange with project partners according to GAEB 90/2000 and XML - without restriction.


The Accounting component gives you three powerful construction online tools. There is the contract management, with the overview of the agreed services. In addition to the main order, which is available from the award or through the direct data import (GAEB86), you also process supplements. Each addendum – manually recorded or imported via interface – can include any number of bill of quantities items and receives its own number and status – eg. B. "recognized" or "released". You can evaluate the main order and supplements either in a holistic or differentiated way and output them as a PDF document as well as GAEB and ÖNORM file.

Quantity Take Off – directly by the supplier

In order to determine the evidence for the service provided and billable, you enter free quantitiy calculations of the progressed work or calculate with formulas according to REB23.003. You can also access here, if necessary, a standardized interface (DA11 / X31) for import and export of the QTO data. Conveniently, you can also invite the contractor directly to digital performance reporting on the NOVA BIM platform. The BIM Add-On can also be used to perform the incremental measurement directly in the 3D model (internally or externally directly from the contractor). You can then review and approve (or reject) the QTOs and use them for the current cost management as part of the target / actual comparison.

And you deduce from it invoices or credits. The invoice types for advance payment, budget billing, partial bill and final invoice are available for invoice management. Contract terms such as agreed securities, discounts and freely definable deductions are automatically taken into account when the invoice is created. Special approval mechanisms, the consolidated or cost sharing statement of the invoice overview and the selection between cumulative billing and the pure incremental increase support you in the audit and payment approval.

This screenshot of the Billing module shows the billing overview of the AVA web application.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) add-on

What can the BIM Add-On do?

The BIM Add-On significantly supports project editing by visualizing data in a building model. Based on the Open Bim & IFC open standards, 3D models can be exported from all common CAD systems and further processed in NOVA BIM. Initially, a project-oriented "room and object book" is generated in the BIM module and linked bidirectionally with the data of the 3D model. Thus, the complete process and business logic, from cost planning to final invoice and cost analysis, can be spatially displayed in the 3D viewer with comfortable selection and navigation.

Optionally available for all NOVA BIM packages

Due to the deep BIM integration, the 3D model is available in all components of NOVA BIM, including billing with measurement and follow-up management and project-related cost analysis.

The benefits of online BIM are obvious

  • No acquisition costs You do not have to invest a large amount in the purchase of a BIM 5D tendering & accounting software and take no risk. Log in and start!
  • Low monthly fee The low rates are unbeatable, and you only pay if you work with NOVA BIM! You also have a tax advantage - through direct depreciation. You can shut down your package at any time. The re-entry is a mouse click!
  • High comfort You get all the functions right where you expect them! We are constantly working to further enhance your user experience.
  • Always up to date Thanks to NOVA BIM, you can always keep an eye on everything online and access your current data at any time.
  • Always independant Regardless of which device you're signing, with an Internet connection and your login information, you can work from anywhere. You do not have to drag a heavy paper folder with specifications to the construction site.
  • Personal Support You are entitled to fast and qualified help, we support you by e-mail, remote maintenance and of course by phone without additional costs.
  • Regular updates Online always work with the best BIM software available! You do not need a Software Maintenance Contract with us, that's included in the package!
  • Data security You only send data via certified servers from Germany, the connection is secured by a 256bit SSL encryption.
  • Daily backups Your data is backed up daily, you can of course also save your data locally on your own system, eg. as Excel, PDF or GAEB or ÖNORM format.

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